Small Win for Democrats

1,719,376 voters didn’t care that Walker lied to his family about his pasts; lied to GA voters about paying for numerous abortions; lied about his actual State of residence; didn’t know what a pronoun was (something we all learned in the 1st grade).

In any relationship a lie will destroy the foundation; a lie will erode the trust; a lie will cause a divorce in what seems to be a perfect marriage. GA voters were willing to vote for a liar over one who spoke the truth.

America prides itself in being an intelligent nation, yet over 1 million GA voters opted to vote for a man who has no clue what a pronoun is. Common pronouns are “I, she, you, it, this”. GA voters were willing to vote for ignorance over intelligence.

Yes, I am thankful that Senator Warnock won reelection, but I am very concerned about those 1,719,376 voters that voted for division over unity.

This is my Thought for the Day.

Why are SOME white men so angry?

Why are SOME white men so angry? Your ancestors were never kidnapped, chained, and shipped to a new Country. Your ancestors were never raped, sodomized, and stolen from their mothers at birth. Your ancestors were never taken by force from their homes by men dressed in white hoods/robes.  Your ancestors were never denied the use of a bathroom or the ability to purchase a new home. Your ancestors were never denied the option of attending the best high school or college. A swimming pool was never drained because you swam in it. You were never used by major universities to win football/basketball games. You always had the options of the best jobs, the best positions, so please why are SOME white men so angry?

Home grown terrorists have taken on the role of the white hoods, the only difference is, you kill your own along with the others. Your whiteness has always given you the advantage, so again why are SOME white men so angry?

Voting Question #1

But why aren’t more 18-29-year-olds voting for Democrats? What is the message being presented? The Democratic Party, as a whole, needs to focus on issues that impact ALL of America, such as, homelessness, public education, healthcare access, immigration reform, jobs/job security, affordable higher education attainment, removing the interest from student loans, bringing manufacturing jobs back to America/training for those jobs, returning vocational training back to the high school public school level (just to name a few areas of impact). The Democratic Party, as a whole, must acknowledge there are Conservatives in the 18-29-year-old range. The Democratic Party has a lot of ground to make-up if it is ever going to regain traction on policy making in America.

This is My Thought for the Day

2022 Voting

The hate in America is strong. The racist beliefs in America are overwhelming. A percentage of Black’s in America have assumed that just because they have been “allowed” to live next to white America and “marry” white America, they are accepted as an equal, PSA, they are not.

When I think back to the Jim Crow era and remember the white American’s who gave their lives for Black American’s to be allowed equality makes me realize there are a lot of caring white American’s. And the NAACP would not have been possible without white Americans stepping up.

Yet somewhere over the years Black America has forgotten about the struggle that has allowed them to be successful. They don’t know or don’t care about the time of the “White Only” signs. I would remind Black America to view the January 6th videos again, just to see how many white American’s wanting to return to the “White Only” era.

We have all heard that “this election is important” whenever it is time to vote, but this year 2022, not voting will be detrimental to Black America, as well as all women in America. By not voting in 2022, we will lose significant voting ability, the right to learn the true History of America and the rights of women will return to the 1950’s era.   

As I enter my 70th year on this earth I truly have a fear of our future America if we do not vote on November 8th for the candidate that believes voting is a right, not a privilege, that the true American History must be told, and the rights of women must remain.

 Just one of my Thought’s for the Day.

One Month from Today

To think, I will be 70 years old, one month from today. I am truly blessed to have lived this long. All of my friends are deceased. I have associates, but no friends. I am not lonely, but there are times when I would like to have someone to talk to.

I am blessed to have Mama, my sister, my kids, grandkids and great-grandkids, so I am never alone. I wonder what the next few years will bring. Well, 70 here I come, ready or not.

This is my Thought for the Day.

My Brother

It has been 2 months today since my brother died and I still do not feel a sense of loss. I will only assume it was because we had not seen much of each other over the past 20+ years, and there was no interaction between us.

Mama is having her moments. I think she is very depressed due to his death, and now she wants to die. I will always hold to the thought that Bobby was her favorite child.

Not much else to say today.

August Feelings

Well, the campaign ended on a good note as Justin won House District 52. He is taking a break, but I do hope he get back out on the campaign trail as his name is on the November ballot. I do hope that he will be a different kind of politician.

I am still tired and taking care of Mama is starting to show. I am so angry, but for so many different reasons. As I once told my clients, you cannot change the past. But the problem I am having is the past is what is causing my angry. And I never thought taking care of Mama would be so draining. For now, the only thing she can do for self, is feed herself. But that is what happens when you rely on medication to solve your health problems.

On a happy note, I have schedule self for a mini getaway for October. I am going to New Hampshire for a few days. I wish I had the funds to stay a week. Not much else going on in my world. I will just keep moving forward. And the stress of taking care of Mama is causing me to be in a lot of body pain. Gonna figure out a way to relieve the stress.

This is my Thought for the Day.


I am amazed at how politicians can be so dishonest and want the world to revolve around them. The bending of the finance rules has been an issue with certain individuals that assisted Justin in his House District 52 win. How many times did I ask to be informed before any expenses were incurred, and how many times was my request ignored?

In my thinking, if a person wants to be reimbursed immediately, then that person should have never incurred the expense. Vivian W. knew I could not reimburse her directly and she still did a charge on her card to Home Depot. I had even told Anthony B. whenever he needed anything from for Home Depot for the campaign to call me. And it took Vivian a little over two weeks to bring me the receipt from Home Depot. I mailed her check on 8/3/2022 and on 8/9/2022 she is texting me that there is no check in the mail as if I lied. I will give it until Saturday and if the check has not been received by then I will cancel the initial check and issue her a new check.

My goal is to never work with Vivian W. again in any capacity. She is arrogant, demanding, and in her mind, she is the only one who can be right about anything. Yes, she has a solid base and Justin expressed more than one he truly appreciated all she did for him. But I am thinking, that is not enough for Vivian. Vivian has a draining personality, and anyone who comes in contact with her will leave wilted.

That is My Thought for the Day