Decade Corrections

As we will soon embark on a new decade, let’s make some real life corrections.

Correction #1 – Purchase a prepaid burial insurance policy.  We all have a date with death, let’s stop relying on the Go-Fund-Me concept for disposal of your remains.  Contact any funeral home for assistance.

Correction #2 – If you have any type of financial account please add someone that you trust to that account.  When you die, and you will, the funds will assist the one in charge of your estate.  If you don’t want to add a person to your financial account, then please specify in your will who can close out your financial account.  Contact an estate attorney, if you cannot afford an attorney, then contact Legal Aid.

Correction #3 – Since 99% of deaths are unexpected please have in writing who your minor children will live with.  Remember if you fall into the category of 2 or more children with 2 or more fathers (or mothers) your children could be separated or worse be placed in State custody.

Correction #4 – Parents with adult children please do a will.  Don’t assume that your death will unite your children, it won’t.  Don’t assume that your children will eagerly equally divide your assets, they won’t.  Please don’t let your death destroy the lives of your children.  You can do a will and have two of your friends witness it, make copies, place each copy in a sealed envelope.

Always remember we are all going to die.

JEN’s Advisory Group, LLC

Generational Lies

Generational lies have consequences. American’s have been wondering since 2016, how did trump get elected, aside from Russian interference and the Electoral College. For the past, hundred or so years, parents have been lying to their children. And those lies are passed on to the next generation.

The greatest lie ever told to a child by his/her parent is the Santa Claus lie. You were told as a child that this jolly white guy would be bringing your Christmas gifts, and you had to go to bed early. Some parents told their children that Santa would enter via the chimney. And for those kids that didn’t have a chimney, they never questioned how this jolly white guy would deliver. And this Santa Claus lie is perpetuated by teachers, police officers, even mainstream media assists.

Other generational lies are the Easter bunny, and the Tooth Fairy. Why do parents continue to lie to their children? Why can’t parents be honest and tell their children they are responsible for getting those toys for Christmas or putting that quarter under the pillow for the tooth that fell out or all that junk candy in the basket on Easter Sunday?

How about the Oscar-winning lie – the three wise men presenting their gifts to a “child in the manger”? EVERY religious entity tells that lie and reinforces it with the nativity scene. When the wise men finally saw Christ, he was a “young child” not some “baby in a manger”.

For decades lies have been engrained into the subconscious of America. When trump appeared and began to lie daily, it was easy to believe him because America had been taught to accept lies. So the next time you are asked how did we get to this point in America, just answer with “generational lies”.

This is my Thought for the Day.

Will We Self-destruct?

I can’t quote you Bible Chapter & Verse, but I do believe in God.  I also believe what was inferred in the Bible that next time around “man” will destroy him/herself.  Also, what “I” took from my Christian teaching is a belief that the perpetrator of that destruction would be a person in a very high position of authority.

In 2016 American voters elected a “man” who committed adultery on each of his three wives, a “man” who would utilize legal loopholes or unethical business practices to not pay his contractors, a “man” who has stated he won’t ask for forgiveness because he has done nothing to ask to be forgiven for, a “man” that will look you in the eye and lie, and a “man” who called himself the “chosen one”.

When I see the destruction of families from Central and South America based on the policies of this “man” who calls himself the “chosen one”, the ethnic cleansing of Christian Kurds in Syria initiated by the “man” who calls himself the “chosen one” I cry.

My tears are of the pain, the “how” can this happen, the “why” is no one doing anything to stop the destruction and annihilation of families and Countries of people who just want to live.  To be honest words cannot describe how I am feeling when I see what is going on in our world. 

I will continue to pray to my God that He will not forsake this world and put in place a person of His choosing that will usher in the acceptance of our differences by each of us so that we can all LIVE.

My Thought for the Day on 10/14/2019.

Still Numb

Today I am still numb as I cannot get past the “I would like for you to do us a favor though…..”.  It truly boggles the mind that a sitting President would solicit a favor from a Country that is dependent on the United States for defense products.

I am also trying to understand the Republicans in their defense of a President that had the gall to ask a foreign Country for a favor.  The spin coming out of the mouths of Republicans is truly overwhelming.  This President has placed America in a compromising posture, and one has to question are there other Countries.

Many years some of these same Republicans voted to impeach President Clinton for receiving oral sex while in the Oval Office, yet today they stand in unison in support of #45 who has put America at risk.  I am numb.  And let’s not forget that #45 has demonstrated in speech witness intimidation, again an illegal act.  When will the Republicans stop defending a President that has demonstrated no concern for America?

This is my Thought for the Day.

First Lies Now Treason

This Presidential administration has done so much psychological damage to America. We have truly become so immune to scandal after scandal, lie after lie that when it was announced that he had asked a Country that America does business for a favor there was no feeling.

I can only pray that Congress will do what is right, do the impeachment inquiry and impeachment hearing if necessary. I can only pray that Republican Senators will put Country before politics and do the right thing.

That is my Thought for the Day.

Another Political Loss

As the saying goes this too shall pass.  The feeling dread and despair I had when it was realized that Hillary had lost to trump is the same feeling that I experienced when Cheryl Mayes lost to Joy Styles in the District 32 Council race.  

In my opinion District 32 will suffer for the next four years as an individual with little to no experience as to how a City functions starts her reign.  I have this feeling of hopelessness as District 32 begins a downward spiral.  I fear individuals, such as, John Ingram, Roy Dale and other wealthy Republicans who now realize there is money to be made in Antioch and they now have a council person that may well sell District 32 for profit and gain; with little regard to District 32 residents.

Time will tell if I am wrong and my prayer is that “I am”, but that trump feeling of hopelessness from 2016 has now engulfed me once again in 2019.

#45 is still a RACIST

#45 is a RACIST.

If you HEAR nothing wrong in his words you are a RACIST. If you SEE nothing wrong in his actions towards illegal immigrants you are a RACIST. If you SAY you will defend #45 till death you are a RACIST. You have allowed yourself to be bullied into submission by a RACIST. Your HEAR nothing, SEE nothing, SAY nothing time has passed.

Your silence to the denigration of people, cultures, and Countries is deafening. Your fear of change is distressing. Your need to make America great again is questionable because you have yet to state when it was or became not great.

As Sam Cooke sang “It’s been a long time coming, but I know a change is gonna come.” So RACISTS of America get ready because People of Color, Women, Gays, Lesbians, and white people that care have declared war and we ain’t gonna let nothing or nobody get in our way.

On 3 November 2020 we will make America the greatest Country in the world because we are going to vote every RACIST out of office.

Thought for the Day by Joyce.