Missing A Child

Parents when was the last time you checked your child’s Instagram? DM? PM? Facebook page? Emails? Snapchat?

With the number of teens going missing I would say it is about time. Many are asking “who” is taking our children and my answer is the Internet. When a parent allows a child 100% freedom when it comes to social media, you have to understand that when you child does come up missing that freedom is suspect.

I am not sure why our children are so quick to believe what they read on social media, but parents you are going to have to step up and be the PARENT. Get in your child’s business! Maybe just maybe by being the parent, you will save your child.

Suggestion to Elected Officials

1) Reopen all Government agencies currently closed effective immediately

2) Authorize 25 Billion dollars to cover Items a through f:

a) Hire 3000 new border patrol agents (no later than 28 February 2019) with a new patrol area of every 10 miles per 2 patrol agents

b) Grant permanent citizenship to all registered Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) participants immediately

c) Grant a 5-year enrollment and re-enrollment every 5-years to all participants identified as Temporary Protective Status (TPS)

d) Initiate repair of all current southern border fencing and/or permanent structures

e) Initiate 24-hour drone coverage of entire southern border

f) Identify areas of the southern border where a permanent structure is requires, without taking by eminent domain of American property, and build a permanent structure

g) Hire 75 immigration judge teams no later than 28 February 2019

3) Authorize 800 million for humanitarian assistance

4) Authorize 805 million for updated drug detection technology for all ports of entry into the United States

5) No monies are authorized to specifically “build a southern border wall”

Government Shutdown

During the campaign of 2016 all we heard in America were the following chants – “Lock Her Up” and “Mexico Will Pay For It”.

Today, 2019 the only individuals locked up or facing lock up time are individuals that worked the trump/pence campaign.

And for those trump/pence supporters I ask how are you feeling today? When was the last time you got a paycheck? And who do YOU want to pay for the wall now?

I truly feel bad for the thousands of individuals that are currently in a financial bind because #45 is determined to get funding for one concrete block that he can call a wall. I do not feel bad for ALL those so-called evangelical christians who are federal workers; I don’t feel sorry for those stay-at-home moms whose husbands are federal workers and voted for trump/pence because you believed a woman’s place is ONLY in the home; for those other thousands of trump/pence supporters who have not been paid I have no sympathy or empathy for you.

Your chanting has gone silent and in place I hear your moans of financial chaos. Just a reminder, YOU GOT what YOU voted for.

That is my Thought for the Day by Joyce.

How Do We Go Forward?

Since Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated in April 1968 I have heard more times than I can remember his “I Have A Dream” speech, the Negro spiritual “We Shall Overcome”, and the Civil Rights Song “Ain’t Gone Let Nobody Turn Us Around”.

And on 21 January 2019, America will once again be bombarded with speeches, songs, and marches.  Once again, we will hear from elected officials, President’s of nonprofit organizations as to what “we” need to do.  And once again, “we” will return home and wait for January 2020 to do it all over again.

Meanwhile in the Communities of Color crime is still extremely high.  Recently, Judge Wayne Shelton stated that “Black men are more dangerous to other Black men than white Klansman ever were”.  Now what does that say about our Black men?  Do our Black men not value life?  A week does not go by without a news report of a Black has been killed by another Black.  I guess it would help for me to research the statistics on white crime, but for me my concern is MY community. 

The point I am making here, I am tired of the speeches, the songs, the marches when tomorrow or even tonight there will be a news story where a Black man has killed another Black man and for what? Maybe I will do my Doctoral research on the killing of Black men by Black men as I am sure there is enough data for a literature review.

I don’t have the answers as to how to stop the killings, but I so have suggestions that I will save for another post.  One thing for sure you won’t see me at the march or singing the songs because our Communities of Color have been turned around so much that going forward has become almost impossible to achieve.

This is my Thought for the Day.




Last Saturday of 2018

29 December 2018 is the last Saturday of 2018 and I cleaned out my closet.  This has been an up and down year for me with Erika getting arrested, Michelle separating from her husband, Denis making an all out effort to gain custody of Colin, Mama in and out of the hospital, Colin getting his diagnosis of Autism.  I guess the only reason I made it was due to my blind faith in God.  But I can admit that I am tired.  2019 is going to start slow for me as I have to decide if I really want to run for a Council seat and right now I am leaning to “I don’t”.  I start back to school on 10 May 2019 and from what I hear getting a Dissertation approved is going to be a war. 

I do need to get my book together and maybe I will work on that this last weekend in 2018.  I don’t know what 2019 holds for me but I am ready.

See you next year, Be Blessed!!

Do You Remember?

Where were you when John F. Kennedy was assassinated?

          I was a student at Saratoga, Omaha, NE

Where were you when Martin L. King, Jr. was assassinated?

          I was in Knoxville, TN

Where were you when terrorists struck in 2001?

          I was in physical therapy, Omaha, NE

Had Kennedy lived I often wonder what America would be like today; had King lived I wonder how People of Color would be living today; had terror not struck America in 2001 I wonder where would America be today…..we never get a “do over” in time, but we do have the opportunity to make a difference in our future….#Vote6November2018….our future depends on it


“When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee.” – Isaiah 43:2-3 

Now that is a quote that I am leaning on today.  In times of peril your think back on your life and wonder if what you are going though today is because of what you put others through earlier.  I have always believed in and feared God.  Today I am sitting here having my own personal pity party and I am thankful that I can.

 There are life situations that will get you out of your comfort zone, but also give you time to reassess where you are going regardless of age.  I believe in warnings from God.  As I go through my current family situation (Lord knows that I am tired) I can only pray that we all come through thankful for the experience and a greater knowledge of what we can and cannot do.

 That is my Thought for the Day.


In my personal opinion America had entered into complacency prior to the election of 2016.  We were all living our lives oblivious of our neighbors.  Not only were we ignoring the dangers of our neighborhoods, we were ignoring the dangers of America.

Black men are being killed four out of five encounters with the police based on a sense of fear of the police to Black men.  School children can’t go to school without the fear of not being able to return home creating Post Traumatic Stress for thousands of children.  Individuals not being able to afford health insurance because the insurance companies wanting to make a profit on illness.  And seniors not being able to afford needed medication due to Big Pharma having a strong hold on profit and patents.

Prior to the 2016 election we had no clue that by not being involved with the process we would end up with an America that we do not recognize and one that we fear.  This current administration is led by an individual that may be suffering from dementia or governing by hate; regardless we are being thrown into a whirlwind of negative change which we will not be able to recover from.

I truly worry that not enough will get out and vote in the 2018 midterm elections and America could literally end up a bankrupt nation.  I pray that I am wrong and will wait to see what tomorrow holds.  See you in November 2018.

This is my Thought for Today.