Death Returns, Again

Last week I lost a cousin and I had to pause for a moment as I thought about my childhood. I initially thought James William Bell was my oldest First Cousin but was reminded by Mama that Aunt Willie still has two children living, Margaret and GW living somewhere in Iowa. I asked myself how I could forget about them as we spent just about every Christmas at their home for dinner. Aunt Willie could make rolls that would melt in your mouth and Margaret would ALWAYS show off her piano skills. GW was not very sociable, maybe because he was much older than me and usually he would always have to work on Christmas. Aunt Willie had another son Herman, now deceased and I remember him wanting to just leave Omaha, he did and became one of the few real Black cowboys.

I considered myself close to all my First Cousins, but upon hearing the death of James William I realized just how far our families have grown apart. Aunt Willa Mae (James William Mom) was a second Mom to me. I remember calling her one morning to get permission to wear my Sunday shoes to school, because I could not find my school shoes. James William had two brothers, Wendall and Larry, one sister Pamela. We spent so much time together that it was hard to tell we were two separate families. Yet somewhere along growing up we all grew apart and I pause to ponder what happen to that closeness we shared as kids.

I am blessed to still have my Mom (she turns 91 this year), my brother, and sister and so fortunate to have reconnected with Jayme (via Facebook), James William daughter and her mother Jeanette. As Jayme prepares to bury her Father this week I pray that she will remember as I did when I buried my Father, you only get to have one AND you don’t get to choose. For the good times and bad times, I loved my Dad and only the good times are in my memory; that is what I would like to encourage Jayme to remember, the good times.

Wednesday’s Thought (2/7/18)

What is going on in America?  Why is the base of #45 so blind?  I would love to hear from his base as to why they now believe it is okay for American tax dollars be used to build a wall that only has the support of 35% of Americans.  One question would be since candidate Trump PROMISED America that Mexico would pay for the wall AND upon becoming #45 tells you that “you” will pay for the wall, is that a lie or just a mind change?  Another question for his base, why do believe that “your” tax cut that is TEMPORARY is okay, but tax cuts for corporations and top 4% are PERMANENT?  Does the base of #45 not realize that ALL executive orders and planned policies are not in their best interest?  Is the base so heartless, blind, and deaf to realize that those living in Section 8 or government subsidized housing are there because they have limited income AND are already working OR unable to work due to mental or physical limitations?

We have been under #45 rule for over a year and America is much more divided than we were under the Nixon or Reagan administration.  I can remember under Bush and Bush two we had hope, some more than others, but we ALL had hope.  Now while our debt is spiraling out of control, #45 now wants a parade (to boost his ego), at a cost of MILLIONS.  And now #45 has indicated if he does not get ALL that he wants in the Federal budget, he will shut the Federal government down, no compromise, period, just give him what he wants, or he will shut the government DOWN. 

On a positive note Democrats are winning or making significant gains in “red” Districts.  Maybe there is still hope for America.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

As I approach my 65th birthday I am sadly witnessing the huge racial and religious divide in America.  This current Administration is hell bent on driving America back to the 50’s era.  An era where People of Color were not employed as Police Officers or Firefighters; not elected as Judges, Senators (Federal or State), Representatives (Federal or State), City Council, Sheriff.

As I look back to when we weren’t even allowed on the bus, and when we were to only be allowed to sit in the back I worry where this current America is headed.  Our electoral college elected the most racist person who somehow gave the impression that he wanted to move America to a new level.  The current president has been a racist his entire life, even his father was a member of the KKK. And the white racists that have come out of the closet since November 2016 is astounding.

Now I will admit that all white people are not racists; had it not been for compassionate white people Harriet Tubman would not have been successful in her venture of freeing Black people from the chains of slavery; had it not been for compassionate white people the NAACP would not have been formed; and had it not been for compassionate white people thousands of Southern Blacks would not have been registered to vote.  So, I fully admit that for America to regain what this current administration has taken away, and to move forward in becoming the most inclusive Nation in the world we will need those compassionate white people.

Being a Person of Color in the current America is a struggle, but we have to remember that Martin Luther King, Jr., stood, knelt, and died for us to be accepted for “who” we are and not for “who” some want us to be.  All People of Color are at risk of being killed every time we step out of the safety of our home and that fact alone should make us mad enough to get out and vote for individuals that want to be an elected official for ALL, not just for SOME.

People of Color we have come a very long way and sadly we have a very long way to go.

Nowhere to Go – 18 August 2017

This was a horrible week as Heather Heyer lost her life protesting AGAINST hate and racism.  America is far from being the racist-free Nation that many had wrongly assumed we were.  And to add fuel to the fire the sitting President of America refused to condone the hate and racist behavior of the KKK, neo-nazi, and white nationalist men and women.  #45 went so far as to state there are “good” KKK, neo-nazi and white nationalist, just like there are good people that protest against hate and racism.

 I am still trying to wrap my mind around #45’s statement of there being good people who hate me because I am Black; there being good people who hate Jews; and good people who hate anything that is not “pure white”.  America is the most diverse Nation in the world and for so many hateful individuals to still reside here just boggles my mind.

 Another area that I am still confused is the 35% solid base of support that #45 still maintains.  His policies are detrimental to the health and well-being to ALL middle to low income Americans.  And yet he still has their support and I just cannot figure out why.  His proposed budget cuts to the bone to services that middle to low income Americans have come to depend or survive on.  The current President is opposed to a Federal minimum wage of $15 per hour; he is opposed to health care for ALL Americans; and he has expressed support for traitors of America.

 I am tired, discouraged, numb, frustrated, and weak from all that has taken place in America since January 20, 2017.  I have no place to go except bed, so I guess until he is removed, dies, or is not re-elected I think I will just sleep for the next 3.5 years.

 That is my Thought for the Day.




Conversation from a Facebook Friend

This was my reply to a Facebook friend:-

Yes I am deleting your comments because they are based on emotion not fact; your comments indicate that you buy into those unfunded theories reported by those that hated the fact there was a Black man in the White House for 8 years; your comments cannot be proven because they are all theories; had you read the GOP platform you would know of the cuts that will be felt by Americans will cause many to suffer financially; not sure why you hated President Obama and to be honest I don’t really care; I have served under many Presidents, but this one by far is the worst when it come to America as a whole; as for draining the swamp, his cabinet is the richest in American history, don’t believe me, research the net worth of each member; take the time to read his budget, take the time to read the numerous trumpcare bills being discussed what you will find is that middle to low income Americans will be devastated; you and I have a good working relationship & if you have noticed I don’t comment on any of your posts because I had hoped that we would continue to be friends; I worked with a staunch Republican for years & we had the greatest relationship; we respected each other & we refrained from making derogatory remarks during our conversations; when you comment about “Obamacare” which is ACA you are aware that TN did not buy in to the ACA?; maybe you are not aware that to sign up for the ACA, which one can still do, they have to go to the market place website; our TN GOP controlled House & Senate voted DOWN “InsureTN” which would have covered about 300,000 Tennesseans, but the GOP does not want America to be insured; take the time to read the GOP platform and yes I will continue to delete your comments.

Her reply back to me – Joyce , I can’t believe all you know is The Race Card!!! So SAD; Tennessee has No Providers of the obummercare!! If you care so much, Help Tennesseeans

My response back to her:

Please do your research; the State of Tennessee NEVER signed onto the ACA, that is why Tennesseans have to go to the market website to apply for “PRIVATE” insurance; your comments play the race card on a daily basis & that is why I delete them; by the way Medicaid is still accepted in the State of Tennessee and it has nothing to do with the ACA, again do your research; I worked with Medicaid, Medicare for years, my daughter works with Insurance Benefits so when I post on Facebook it is not based on emotion or what I heard from some talking head, it is based on my research and experience; when I post based on “opinion” I will state “in my opinion”.  And what in my initial message is “playing the race card”; your definition of race game playing needs to be defined!

I am sure our friendship ended today.