10/22/2020 – Just Vote

Is it possible to educate Black/Brown voters what happens when a Bill is passed by Congress?  I am sick and tired of these Black/Brown voters harping on the Violent Crime and Control Law Enforcement Act of 1994.  If only these Black/Brown voters would contact the Black/Brown elected officials of 1994 and get their assessment and maybe, just maybe these Black/Brown voters would stop demanding that Joe Biden “apologize” for “his” Bill.

Did you know Rep Jack Brooks (D-TX) was the SPONSOR of the Bill, co-sponsored by Rep Charles Shumner (D-NY) and Rep William Hughes (D-NJ)  in the House?  It was introduced/sponsored in the Senate by Sen Joe Biden (D-DE) co-sponsored by Sen Joe Liberman (D-CT), Sen Kent Conrad (D-ND) and Sen Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and signed by President William Clinton.

Now let’s discuss what happens when each level of Government interpreted this 1994 Crime Bill.  At the Federal level it became a set sentence for a set crime, for example if a Black/Brown/White individual sold crack cocaine and the sentencing guideline was a mandatory 5 years, then each individual regardless of Race/Nationality was sentenced to 5 years.  Now let’s jump to the State level where I will assume those in elected position are “white”.  Given the same example at the State level, if a Black/Brown individual is convicted of selling crack cocaine they WILL receive the mandatory sentence of 5 years; if the white individual is convicted of the same crime, he/she will receive 1) a suspended sentence or 2) a reduced sentence. 

The local DA has the option of recommending the length of time a convict will receive and the presiding Judge can overrule the local DA, so don’t blame Joe Biden for the increased incarceration of  Black/Brown individuals, blame the interpretation of the Bill at the State or local level of government.  And remember the Federal government cannot dictate to the State or local level government the interpretation of sentencing guidelines.

So please stop blaming Joe Biden, if you want to blame someone, blame self for not voting in every election since you turned the age of 18.  Blame increased incarceration on your lack of interest as to how the different levels of government work.  Stop complaining, stop asking for an apology from Joe Biden and IF you want to make a change, then get out there and vote in 2020, 2021, 2022 and so on until you are no longer breathing.

This is my Thought for the Day.   

9/23/2020 – I’m Tired of Hurting

Father can You hear me?

I am so tired of hurting. When will justice be allowed for Black People and other People of Color? Why are white police officers allowed to murder Black People and other People of Color? Have you turned your back on America? What do we have to do for you to step in and stop the random murder of Black people and other People of Color?


The hate in America in getting out of control. The racism has taken over. People are viewing America through fairy tale glasses. What do I have to say for You to intervene?

Father can You hear me?

Yes, the moon will shine somewhere tonight and tomorrow the sun will usher in a new day, Lord I can only as that You step in, give us a sign that You are still in control and lift this weight of dispair off my shoulders.

Father can You hear me?

My Thought for Today.

Passing of an Icon – Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The announcement of the death of Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg on 9/18/2020 sent shock waves across America. I prayed that God would show me a sign that he would step up and fix America immediately. And I am still waiting for that sign. No one knows what tomorrow will bring other than the sun will rise and a new day will begin.

We are 46 days out from electing a new President and I am tired and totally drained. Over the past 4 years America has become so divided. The racism that had taken a long nap woke and People of Color, especially Black men are being killed just for being Black. But when Black people stop voting, any thought of equal representation stops. And the apathy among eligible Black voters is extremely depressing. God has got to hear my prayer.

The gains of equality in voting, the right to choose, the right to marry, the right to wear your natural hair all stand to be lost. The current leaders in America are only looking out for people who look like them and are in the same income bracket. The truly don’t care about the average American. God has got to show me a sign.

I won’t give up, nor will I give in (to paraphase John Lewis) but it is getting so hard to put on the armour of determination. It is harder to believe that God will step in and save America, but I will not give up hope or my belief that there is a God and he will not forsake those that have faith. God I am begging you to step in, give me a sign, show me that you will fix America; show me that People of Color “YOUR PEOPLE” will survive. And God PLEASE let it rain in California, Washington, and Oregon. God PLEASE HEAR MY PRAYER, PLEASE.

This is my Thought for Today.

98 Days, You Ready

In 98 days the citizens of America will either re-elect a disatrous administration or elect an administration that will rebuild America. This year 2020 has seen the worst pandemic to consume America in my lifetime and the current administration has failed address it other than saying it will soon be gone.

Also, People of Color and some white people finally hit the breaking point of police killing Black men, for no other reason than being Black. Protests have been going on across America since the senseless killing of Geroge Floyd on May 25th.

#45 in his infinite wisdom has ordered vigilante type troops to be disbursed in major Cities across America. Portland was the first City for these troops to be deployed and it has been total mayhem. In 2020 we have an administration that is trying it’s best to turn America into a dictator type government.

On 11/3/2020 I pray that American’s across America remember the damage this current administration has done to all of us and end this corrupt administration.

98 days, You Ready?

June 27, 2020, Another Saturday

2020 is almost half gone and for many this has been an awful year. COVID-19 hit America and the seriousness of it was ignored by the current Administration. COVID-19 is now a worldwide pandemic and over 100,000 Americans have died. Just a few months ago many supporters of the current Administration were saying that the flu kills than COVID-19. Now that statement may have true on the surface, but where they got it wrong, it generally takes the flu about a year to kill over 100,000 people, COVID-19 has done that in less than 6 months.

School is moving forward, I just have to catch up. I have lost a lot of motivation and intregrity with the program. I do plan on completing, but it just does not feel like it will have signifcant meaning once I do. I believe going forward I will be less vocal. I will make any changes recommended by my Dissertation Committee without comment. For now I am ready to just be done.

America has been turned upside down as a boiling point was reached in regard to the killing of Black men and women by police officers who continue to use the “I feared for my life” defense on individuals that are handcuffed, running away, having no weapon, or in other ways unable to pose a threat. This may be the year that Black men and women finally realize the inportance of their vote, time will tell. I am feeling mildly encouraged. I can only hope that this anger turns into mass voting in November.

Death Stopped By

May 24, 2020 changed my life. I received a call from my niece Tracey and all I remember her saying “GJ is dead Aunt Joyce, GJ is dead”. Numbness consumed me and today numbness continues. GJ was ONLY 28 years old and to our knowledge was in good health. So why is he dead?

It has been about 3 weeks since that phonecall and I am still asking “why”. Maybe in time God will give me a personal answer. I know that I have stated so many times in the past death will call our name, but for death to call GJ is just hard for me to understand. Had he finished what he was suppose to do on earth, in other words, had he finished his race?

I grew up beliving that God does not make mistakes or errors in death so I will continue to believe. I am thankful for all of my blessings, and I will wait on an answer from God, “Why is GJ dead?”.

My thought for June 12, 2020

Politicans Past

Can we please stop listening to Main Stream Media (MSM) and listen to the candidates and observe their mannerisms?  And please remember that people do change over time.  The media and the talking pundits are giving Bloomberg, Buttigieg, and Klobuchar grief over their past decisions on dealing with Black crime.  And MSM pundits are demanding they appear  for their “come to Jesus” moment to explain their past decisions.  I will be the first to admit that no Politician is perfect, but each did what they believed to be correct at the moment. 

Bloomberg in his support of “stop and frisk” had a serious negative impact on Black and Hispanic communities as the men in those communities were in fear of being singled out just for walking in their neighborhoods.  And anytime you put 75% of your police force in any neighborhood, there is going to be a 75% increase in those 24-hour holds or arrests.  Did stop and frisk reduce crime?  No, but putting more police officers in the area did.  I am not an advocate of stop and frisk, but I also want to be able to walk, shop, get out of my car in my driveway without fear of being mugged or killed.  Personally, I do not need for Bloomberg to apologize for his support of stop and frisk, but I would like to know his plans on fixing a severely broken justice system when it comes to People of Color.  I would also like to see a Bloomberg/Harris ticket.

Buttigieg is weeks into his newly elected position of Mayor and he fires the first Black Police Chief of South Bend an that termination is still in question.  Could there have been some other way to handle the situation of those alleged telephone call recordings?  Buttigieg made a decision that he will have to live with, but I am tired of MSM bringing it up every chance there is discussion of the “Black vote”.  Will that decision have an impact on how Black voters will vote in the Primaries, for some the answer is yes.  And I would also like to hear how he will fix our imperfect justice system.  I will support a Buttigieg/Harris ticket.

Klobuchar has been accused of sending an innocent young Black man to prison and her response to those allegations – if there is new evidence present it to the Court so it can be reviewed.  Did she rush to prosecute this person?  There are individuals that review court cases, with the end goal of freeing innocent men.  If she were to be elected and if it is determined that she did in fact send an innocent man to prison, then she should resign as President.  In my opinion, which I am entitled, she is the weakest candidate and I don’t believe she could unseat #45.  But if she wins the Democratic nomination, then I have no choice but to support her.  And again, I would want to see a Klobuchar/Harris ticket.

This is my Thought for the Day.

Decade Corrections

As we will soon embark on a new decade, let’s make some real life corrections.

Correction #1 – Purchase a prepaid burial insurance policy.  We all have a date with death, let’s stop relying on the Go-Fund-Me concept for disposal of your remains.  Contact any funeral home for assistance.

Correction #2 – If you have any type of financial account please add someone that you trust to that account.  When you die, and you will, the funds will assist the one in charge of your estate.  If you don’t want to add a person to your financial account, then please specify in your will who can close out your financial account.  Contact an estate attorney, if you cannot afford an attorney, then contact Legal Aid.

Correction #3 – Since 99% of deaths are unexpected please have in writing who your minor children will live with.  Remember if you fall into the category of 2 or more children with 2 or more fathers (or mothers) your children could be separated or worse be placed in State custody.

Correction #4 – Parents with adult children please do a will.  Don’t assume that your death will unite your children, it won’t.  Don’t assume that your children will eagerly equally divide your assets, they won’t.  Please don’t let your death destroy the lives of your children.  You can do a will and have two of your friends witness it, make copies, place each copy in a sealed envelope.

Always remember we are all going to die.

JEN’s Advisory Group, LLC

Generational Lies

Generational lies have consequences. American’s have been wondering since 2016, how did trump get elected, aside from Russian interference and the Electoral College. For the past, hundred or so years, parents have been lying to their children. And those lies are passed on to the next generation.

The greatest lie ever told to a child by his/her parent is the Santa Claus lie. You were told as a child that this jolly white guy would be bringing your Christmas gifts, and you had to go to bed early. Some parents told their children that Santa would enter via the chimney. And for those kids that didn’t have a chimney, they never questioned how this jolly white guy would deliver. And this Santa Claus lie is perpetuated by teachers, police officers, even mainstream media assists.

Other generational lies are the Easter bunny, and the Tooth Fairy. Why do parents continue to lie to their children? Why can’t parents be honest and tell their children they are responsible for getting those toys for Christmas or putting that quarter under the pillow for the tooth that fell out or all that junk candy in the basket on Easter Sunday?

How about the Oscar-winning lie – the three wise men presenting their gifts to a “child in the manger”? EVERY religious entity tells that lie and reinforces it with the nativity scene. When the wise men finally saw Christ, he was a “young child” not some “baby in a manger”.

For decades lies have been engrained into the subconscious of America. When trump appeared and began to lie daily, it was easy to believe him because America had been taught to accept lies. So the next time you are asked how did we get to this point in America, just answer with “generational lies”.

This is my Thought for the Day.

Will We Self-destruct?

I can’t quote you Bible Chapter & Verse, but I do believe in God.  I also believe what was inferred in the Bible that next time around “man” will destroy him/herself.  Also, what “I” took from my Christian teaching is a belief that the perpetrator of that destruction would be a person in a very high position of authority.

In 2016 American voters elected a “man” who committed adultery on each of his three wives, a “man” who would utilize legal loopholes or unethical business practices to not pay his contractors, a “man” who has stated he won’t ask for forgiveness because he has done nothing to ask to be forgiven for, a “man” that will look you in the eye and lie, and a “man” who called himself the “chosen one”.

When I see the destruction of families from Central and South America based on the policies of this “man” who calls himself the “chosen one”, the ethnic cleansing of Christian Kurds in Syria initiated by the “man” who calls himself the “chosen one” I cry.

My tears are of the pain, the “how” can this happen, the “why” is no one doing anything to stop the destruction and annihilation of families and Countries of people who just want to live.  To be honest words cannot describe how I am feeling when I see what is going on in our world. 

I will continue to pray to my God that He will not forsake this world and put in place a person of His choosing that will usher in the acceptance of our differences by each of us so that we can all LIVE.

My Thought for the Day on 10/14/2019.