Conversation from a Facebook Friend

This was my reply to a Facebook friend:-

Yes I am deleting your comments because they are based on emotion not fact; your comments indicate that you buy into those unfunded theories reported by those that hated the fact there was a Black man in the White House for 8 years; your comments cannot be proven because they are all theories; had you read the GOP platform you would know of the cuts that will be felt by Americans will cause many to suffer financially; not sure why you hated President Obama and to be honest I don’t really care; I have served under many Presidents, but this one by far is the worst when it come to America as a whole; as for draining the swamp, his cabinet is the richest in American history, don’t believe me, research the net worth of each member; take the time to read his budget, take the time to read the numerous trumpcare bills being discussed what you will find is that middle to low income Americans will be devastated; you and I have a good working relationship & if you have noticed I don’t comment on any of your posts because I had hoped that we would continue to be friends; I worked with a staunch Republican for years & we had the greatest relationship; we respected each other & we refrained from making derogatory remarks during our conversations; when you comment about “Obamacare” which is ACA you are aware that TN did not buy in to the ACA?; maybe you are not aware that to sign up for the ACA, which one can still do, they have to go to the market place website; our TN GOP controlled House & Senate voted DOWN “InsureTN” which would have covered about 300,000 Tennesseans, but the GOP does not want America to be insured; take the time to read the GOP platform and yes I will continue to delete your comments.

Her reply back to me – Joyce , I can’t believe all you know is The Race Card!!! So SAD; Tennessee has No Providers of the obummercare!! If you care so much, Help Tennesseeans

My response back to her:

Please do your research; the State of Tennessee NEVER signed onto the ACA, that is why Tennesseans have to go to the market website to apply for “PRIVATE” insurance; your comments play the race card on a daily basis & that is why I delete them; by the way Medicaid is still accepted in the State of Tennessee and it has nothing to do with the ACA, again do your research; I worked with Medicaid, Medicare for years, my daughter works with Insurance Benefits so when I post on Facebook it is not based on emotion or what I heard from some talking head, it is based on my research and experience; when I post based on “opinion” I will state “in my opinion”.  And what in my initial message is “playing the race card”; your definition of race game playing needs to be defined!

I am sure our friendship ended today.

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