Wednesday, 26 July 2017

For the past few days #45 has been attacking AG Sessions because in his mind, Sessions is weak.  Now what #45 does best is tweet, which in MY mind shows a sign of weakness.  Just get off the tweet, walk over to Sessions and TELL him what you think about him, go ahead be a MAN.  Now this AM a bomb went off when #45 ONCE again tweeted that he will not allow Transgendered individuals to serve “in any capacity” in the military due to cost, but there is no cost to having a Transgendered serve because surgery is not a REQUIREMENT to identify as being Transgendered.  I believe #45 wants to take the spotlight off Sessions and Russia so he creates chaos in all branches of the military.  Transgendered training for those currently serving in the military is just about complete and now this.   America there is no cost associated with being Transgendered, do your research.  The cost comes when the individual decides he or she wants to have the surgery that will physically allow the bodily appearance and mindset to match.  I am sick and tired of #45 putting his lies out for his base to cling to another reason to continue their support.  His base just needs to admit they are bigots, racists, they hate all that don’t believe “their” beliefs, they hate Blacks (but tolerate them), they hate strong women, they believe in conspiracy theories (which have no proof), if you are not a “Christian” based on “their” definition, then you are evil.  Did I miss any categories?

Author: thoughtforthedaybyjoyce

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