Sunday, 8 October 2017

As I approach my 65th birthday I am sadly witnessing the huge racial and religious divide in America.  This current Administration is hell bent on driving America back to the 50’s era.  An era where People of Color were not employed as Police Officers or Firefighters; not elected as Judges, Senators (Federal or State), Representatives (Federal or State), City Council, Sheriff.

As I look back to when we weren’t even allowed on the bus, and when we were to only be allowed to sit in the back I worry where this current America is headed.  Our electoral college elected the most racist person who somehow gave the impression that he wanted to move America to a new level.  The current president has been a racist his entire life, even his father was a member of the KKK. And the white racists that have come out of the closet since November 2016 is astounding.

Now I will admit that all white people are not racists; had it not been for compassionate white people Harriet Tubman would not have been successful in her venture of freeing Black people from the chains of slavery; had it not been for compassionate white people the NAACP would not have been formed; and had it not been for compassionate white people thousands of Southern Blacks would not have been registered to vote.  So, I fully admit that for America to regain what this current administration has taken away, and to move forward in becoming the most inclusive Nation in the world we will need those compassionate white people.

Being a Person of Color in the current America is a struggle, but we have to remember that Martin Luther King, Jr., stood, knelt, and died for us to be accepted for “who” we are and not for “who” some want us to be.  All People of Color are at risk of being killed every time we step out of the safety of our home and that fact alone should make us mad enough to get out and vote for individuals that want to be an elected official for ALL, not just for SOME.

People of Color we have come a very long way and sadly we have a very long way to go.

Author: thoughtforthedaybyjoyce

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