Wednesday’s Thought (2/7/18)

What is going on in America?  Why is the base of #45 so blind?  I would love to hear from his base as to why they now believe it is okay for American tax dollars be used to build a wall that only has the support of 35% of Americans.  One question would be since candidate Trump PROMISED America that Mexico would pay for the wall AND upon becoming #45 tells you that “you” will pay for the wall, is that a lie or just a mind change?  Another question for his base, why do believe that “your” tax cut that is TEMPORARY is okay, but tax cuts for corporations and top 4% are PERMANENT?  Does the base of #45 not realize that ALL executive orders and planned policies are not in their best interest?  Is the base so heartless, blind, and deaf to realize that those living in Section 8 or government subsidized housing are there because they have limited income AND are already working OR unable to work due to mental or physical limitations?

We have been under #45 rule for over a year and America is much more divided than we were under the Nixon or Reagan administration.  I can remember under Bush and Bush two we had hope, some more than others, but we ALL had hope.  Now while our debt is spiraling out of control, #45 now wants a parade (to boost his ego), at a cost of MILLIONS.  And now #45 has indicated if he does not get ALL that he wants in the Federal budget, he will shut the Federal government down, no compromise, period, just give him what he wants, or he will shut the government DOWN. 

On a positive note Democrats are winning or making significant gains in “red” Districts.  Maybe there is still hope for America.

Author: thoughtforthedaybyjoyce

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