Assault Weapons Platform & Safety for America

My Platform on assault weapons and safety for America

1. Increase age to purchase all guns to 21 years of age

2. Modernize the gun database

3. Ban all assault weapons for sale to civilian population

4. Ban 10+ round magazines for sale to civilian population

5. Create buy-back plan for assault weapons

6. Federally fund metal detectors for all public K-12 schools

7. Federally fund program ensuring all Police Departments have updated gear to defend against assault weapon situations

8. Create a program that will assist all public K-12 schools ensuring a safe building, i.e. all doors lock; doors have working alarms; classroom room equipped with deadbolt locking doors

9. Federally fund the Centers for Disease Control to conduct study of assault weapon deaths and accept recommendations for safety programs

Author: thoughtforthedaybyjoyce

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