#NeverAgain – #Enough

Much has happened since 7 pm CST, November 8, 2016 & I predict that there will be a surge in voters for the August & November 2018 elections. I believe that America is tired & they now realize the only thing a politician can hear is a vote.

The students in the #NeverAgain & #Enough population are gearing up voter registration drives & I predict that 90% of them will vote; can’t go with “all” as some won’t vote for religious reasons or mental or physical limitations but for the rest of those new voters they will be at their polling location this August & November. For those that were listening when these students were interviewed they stated “we will vote you out” & that mindset has resonated across America.

I also predict there will be a surge in the 18-25 age group in voting this year. In my opinion this age group has been forced to grow up in fear – fear of being shot or fear of losing a friend.

Americans have finally surpassed their breaking point & we know WHO we need to vote out. And I believe going forward we will never have to worry about the voting lines being too short.

Author: thoughtforthedaybyjoyce

Provides assistance with initial disability applications and guidance on social services.

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