Last Saturday of 2018

29 December 2018 is the last Saturday of 2018 and I cleaned out my closet.  This has been an up and down year for me with Erika getting arrested, Michelle separating from her husband, Denis making an all out effort to gain custody of Colin, Mama in and out of the hospital, Colin getting his diagnosis of Autism.  I guess the only reason I made it was due to my blind faith in God.  But I can admit that I am tired.  2019 is going to start slow for me as I have to decide if I really want to run for a Council seat and right now I am leaning to “I don’t”.  I start back to school on 10 May 2019 and from what I hear getting a Dissertation approved is going to be a war. 

I do need to get my book together and maybe I will work on that this last weekend in 2018.  I don’t know what 2019 holds for me but I am ready.

See you next year, Be Blessed!!

Author: thoughtforthedaybyjoyce

Provides assistance with initial disability applications and guidance on social services.

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