Racism: Past and Present

If we don’t hurry up and get these old white racist men out of Congress, I am going to have to take drastic actions.  I will get back to you on what those actions will be.

I am so tired of racism and racist individuals.  I am tired of white people proclaiming they are not racist because they have Black friends or bi-racial family members.  Until we live in a blind society not one of us cannot emphatically state we are NOT racist.

The past 11 years have shown me that America has a very long way to go to get past the racism and racists behaviors and actions that are the foundation of America.  Unfortunately, we don’t have the opportunity of a “do over” in building our Nation where “ALL people regardless of race, creed, or color” will have an opportunity for health and prosperity.

I don’t know where America is headed, but I do know where we have been.  If our elected officials continue to blindly follow hateful rhetoric, demeaning suggestions, and the belief that there is a “them-v-us” mentality then we are doomed to return to unequal beliefs and actions of the past.

My Thought for the Day.

Author: thoughtforthedaybyjoyce

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