Decade Corrections

As we will soon embark on a new decade, let’s make some real life corrections.

Correction #1 – Purchase a prepaid burial insurance policy.  We all have a date with death, let’s stop relying on the Go-Fund-Me concept for disposal of your remains.  Contact any funeral home for assistance.

Correction #2 – If you have any type of financial account please add someone that you trust to that account.  When you die, and you will, the funds will assist the one in charge of your estate.  If you don’t want to add a person to your financial account, then please specify in your will who can close out your financial account.  Contact an estate attorney, if you cannot afford an attorney, then contact Legal Aid.

Correction #3 – Since 99% of deaths are unexpected please have in writing who your minor children will live with.  Remember if you fall into the category of 2 or more children with 2 or more fathers (or mothers) your children could be separated or worse be placed in State custody.

Correction #4 – Parents with adult children please do a will.  Don’t assume that your death will unite your children, it won’t.  Don’t assume that your children will eagerly equally divide your assets, they won’t.  Please don’t let your death destroy the lives of your children.  You can do a will and have two of your friends witness it, make copies, place each copy in a sealed envelope.

Always remember we are all going to die.

JEN’s Advisory Group, LLC

Author: thoughtforthedaybyjoyce

Provides assistance with initial disability applications and guidance on social services.

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