Politicans Past

Can we please stop listening to Main Stream Media (MSM) and listen to the candidates and observe their mannerisms?  And please remember that people do change over time.  The media and the talking pundits are giving Bloomberg, Buttigieg, and Klobuchar grief over their past decisions on dealing with Black crime.  And MSM pundits are demanding they appear  for their “come to Jesus” moment to explain their past decisions.  I will be the first to admit that no Politician is perfect, but each did what they believed to be correct at the moment. 

Bloomberg in his support of “stop and frisk” had a serious negative impact on Black and Hispanic communities as the men in those communities were in fear of being singled out just for walking in their neighborhoods.  And anytime you put 75% of your police force in any neighborhood, there is going to be a 75% increase in those 24-hour holds or arrests.  Did stop and frisk reduce crime?  No, but putting more police officers in the area did.  I am not an advocate of stop and frisk, but I also want to be able to walk, shop, get out of my car in my driveway without fear of being mugged or killed.  Personally, I do not need for Bloomberg to apologize for his support of stop and frisk, but I would like to know his plans on fixing a severely broken justice system when it comes to People of Color.  I would also like to see a Bloomberg/Harris ticket.

Buttigieg is weeks into his newly elected position of Mayor and he fires the first Black Police Chief of South Bend an that termination is still in question.  Could there have been some other way to handle the situation of those alleged telephone call recordings?  Buttigieg made a decision that he will have to live with, but I am tired of MSM bringing it up every chance there is discussion of the “Black vote”.  Will that decision have an impact on how Black voters will vote in the Primaries, for some the answer is yes.  And I would also like to hear how he will fix our imperfect justice system.  I will support a Buttigieg/Harris ticket.

Klobuchar has been accused of sending an innocent young Black man to prison and her response to those allegations – if there is new evidence present it to the Court so it can be reviewed.  Did she rush to prosecute this person?  There are individuals that review court cases, with the end goal of freeing innocent men.  If she were to be elected and if it is determined that she did in fact send an innocent man to prison, then she should resign as President.  In my opinion, which I am entitled, she is the weakest candidate and I don’t believe she could unseat #45.  But if she wins the Democratic nomination, then I have no choice but to support her.  And again, I would want to see a Klobuchar/Harris ticket.

This is my Thought for the Day.

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