11/4/2020 – What is Wrong with the American Voter?

Another very disappointing Presendital election night. What is it with two-thirds of the American voters? I understand the one-third of the cult members continuing support of #45, but for those none-cult members voting for a man that has insulted or degraded, every ethnicity in America is beyond the pale. The inactions of #45 was a direct link to the 227,000+ deaths in America due to COVID-19.
I was expecting a tidal wave of Democrats to win election to Congress, and we ended up with more of the same. I was expecting a run away of States supporting the Biden/Harris ticket, and we ended up with more of the same. I was expecting the American voter to be tired of the lies, the name-calling, the breaking of societal norms, the Presidential office’s illegal use, and we ended up with confirmation of inappropriateness.
A logical explanation for this election would be the closet voter. How can an individual be embarrassed to admit to supporting a racist? It is time for me to observe America. I am heartbroken, and repair is going to take some time.
This is my Thought for the Day.

Author: thoughtforthedaybyjoyce

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