11/8/2020 Day 5 Post Election 2020 – A New Beginning

Saturday morning around 10:30 CST, Candidate Biden became President-Elect Biden. The counting of ballots is continuing; it is assumed there are not enough outstanding ballots to change the outcome. President-Elect Biden and Vice-President-Elect Harris addressed America Saturday night with a unity message and moving the country forward. We have not heard from #45, and media reports his team of lawyers is ready to file briefs in opposition to the projected winner of this election.

In a conversation, I had to inform people the election is not over. In GA, there is a run-off for two Senate seats, and if the Democrats are to get anything done, we have to win those seats. We won the initial battle, but we will have to get the vote out in GA to win the war.

That is my Thought for the Day.

Author: thoughtforthedaybyjoyce

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