11/13/2020 Day 10 Post Election 2020 – People Are Sill Dying

The GOP is still sitting back in the corner being the “3 Monkeys” (see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing”. COVID-19 appears to have picked up the death attack on America and we have a sitting President fuming because he was not reelected. I could have told him 4 years ago that he was not going to be reelected. I hope the voters of GA are looking at the post-election behaviors of the GOP and elect Ossoff and Warnock to the U.S. Senate. Oh, Joe Biden has been awarded Arizona.

I am still waiting to hear from my Dissertation Advisor. If she has not contacted me by Monday, then I will email her again. I have truly lost my motivation on this project, but I will try to get an acceptable Chapter 2 completed.

I have deleted several Facebook friends as it is time to move on. I don’t anticipate ever associating with Tracey again. She was wrong and there is nothing she will be able to say that will have me to understand why I was not invited to GJ’s celebration birthday. In time the hurt that I am feeling will cease.

This is my Thought for the Day.

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