11/19/2020 Day 16 Post Election 2020 – A Wasted Day

I heard back from my Advisor and she did not accept what I sent. I am just going to take a week off from this Dissertation process and focus on my final group project and final exam. As long as I can pass my courses, I can delay getting my Dissertation completed.

I had my yearly eye exam today and getting my eyes dilated drains me every time, so today was a day that nothing got done. Rudy G. made a complete ass out of himself today with his election conspiracies, it was awful and I am sick of it. How people believe that mess is beyond reason. #45 is still focusing on his loss while Americans die and so far Republican leadership is silent. Another day has gone by with no assistance for the Biden/Harris transition, but hopefully, soon the GOP will get itself in gear.

This is my Thought for the Day.

Author: thoughtforthedaybyjoyce

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