11/21/2020 Day 18 Post 2020 Election – Stalled on Expectations

Well, I took my Advisor’s recommendations for wording, put them into the consent form and sent it back to her requesting a meeting. My frustration level is so high I can not think straight.

Another day has gone by with crickets from the Republican party regarding the transition process. The lies that are being put out by those media sites that spews division. I thought we would never see another Jim Jones cult, but this #45 cult is one-hundred times worse. I am sure if #45 gets on TV and tells his followers that he can guarantee they will never get COVID-19 if they drink a disinfectant, they will drink bleach. No one can answer, if there was cheating to elect Biden, why was there no cheating to get rid of McConnell and Graham. And if there was cheating in GA, how is it there is now a runoff. Don’t know if they are racist or just plain ignorant, can’t be both because there are a lot of People of Color beliving the lies.

I have been trying all day to paraphrase this article and in rereading it, I have made significant errors. Now I have to start from the beginning and I am so tired of this process. I am at a point that if I don’t finish, I really don’t care.

That is my Thought for the Day.

Author: thoughtforthedaybyjoyce

Provides assistance with initial disability applications and guidance on social services.

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