12/9/2020 Day 36 Post Election 2020 – It Is Done!

I finally received approval to submit my IRB application. It took me about an hour, but I got it done. Now I have to upgrade my SurveyMonkey account and start some practice runs. I hope I get enough participants.

The GOP is still acting foolish regarding the loss of #45 in his quest to be reelected. America is destroyed and we will never recover. I am just shocked at the ignorance of People of Color and the racist mindset of white people in 2020. I am so tired of it all.

Well, my life insurance policy was cancelled and now I am going to have to figure out what to do. My house is scheduled to be paid off when I turn 91 and yes I will still be alive. I don’t want to leave the girls with any bills, so I am going to have to try and get this house paid off sooner. I am going to have to find me a parttime job as I need to start paying $1,000 in principle. Guess it is time to start putting in online job applications.

That is my Thought for the Day.

Author: thoughtforthedaybyjoyce

Provides assistance with initial disability applications and guidance on social services.

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