Why Death?

When I hear that someone that I knew has died, I question why. Someone that I went to high school with died Mother’s Day weekend 2021. I knew Barbara as we lived in the same community. We weren’t close, but we knew each other. Once we graduated high school, out paths crossed a couple of times, but over the years we saw each twice, once at the funeral for her Mother, and the funeral for her Brother. I remember her asking me if any of my siblings had died, since this was the second sibling for her. I told her that my brother and sister were alive and doing well. She told be that I was blessed.

When I heard of her death, via social media, I became numb and felt a terrible sense of loss. She was a few years younger than me. Barbara buried her son back in December 2020 and I wonder if she died of a broken heart. I listened too her brother Richard give her eulogy and I could feel the pain in his voice. In time the pain will pass for me, but for Richard and Edna I just don’t know how they will manage. They have buried their Mother, their sister Debra, their nephew (Debra’s son), their brother, Sammy, their second father SGM Abernathy, and Barbara’s son, Charles.

I know that Death waits for each of us and in time Death is a fate we all will meet.

This is my Thought for the Day.

Author: thoughtforthedaybyjoyce

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