1 August 2021 – A New Title, Another Beginning

I defended my dissertation on 29 July 2021, and I no have a new title, Dr. Joyce E. Neal. I now have to decide what do I do with my knowledge. Someone recently asked me – “Now that you have your terminal degree, what will you do?” – and I truly could not give an answer. A part of me wants to do absolutely nothing, and another part of me wants to write a book.

For the next 30 days I have removed self from social media, allowing me time to catch up on stuff, cleaning my house, cleaning out the garage, manicuring my lawn, and detailing my car. Over the years I have realized relaxation for me is doing stuff with my hands.

But for now I am going to just rest as I am so very tired. For the past twenty-years I have been the foundation for my family, and carrying that load has been draining. As much as I dearly love my family, I would truly love to have time for “me-time”. Am I resentful that my children, my grandchildren, my great-grandchildren, and my Mom are semi-dependent on me? Yes, but I also realize that if they weren’t, I don’t know if I would be alive. I do not ant my family to suffer or be uncomfortable and I guess I will continue allowing them to be semi-dependent on me.

I know that I am blessed and have much to be thankful for, most importantly having Mama here at 94 years old. She is in a lot of pain, but through her pain it is a blessing to still have her here. I am not sure what I will do next, but for now I will take time to rest and clear my mine.

This is my Thought for the Day.

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