July 22, 2002 – Where Have I Been?

I can’t recall when my last post was, but not much has happened. Mama is still here, complaining daily about a pain somewhere on her body. I believe she is still mourning Bobby’s death, which was six months ago. She will never believe how selfish and inconsiderate he was. I still have not gone through any of the steps to death and dying, and I don’t know if I ever will. I cannot get past the Will he had Mama sign, leaving me and Kitty $1.00 each from her estate. Had Mama died first, Bobby would have gotten the house. And I am sure he would have sold it and wasted the money on more stuff he did not need. Bobby dies broke. I am just glad that his so-called son paid for the cremation. What is left of the Bell Family Clan are no longer in touch relatives. The glue that held us together died when Aunt Doll was buried.

We are once again in an election period. And since the Supreme Court overturned Roe-v-Wade there have been daily protests. I only hope those protestors actually vote, and vote Democrat. So many of these protestors did not vote for Hillary in 2016, and she did tell them if Trump gets elected, Roe-v-Wade will be gone. Now they are mad, because she was right on so many issues. But time will tell if the protestors voted for self-interest and not against self-interest.

And I finally hit my fat limit, so going forward I will slowly be removing bread from my food intake list. And I will start back making fruit water.

Well, this is My Thought For The Day

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