2022 Voting

The hate in America is strong. The racist beliefs in America are overwhelming. A percentage of Black’s in America have assumed that just because they have been “allowed” to live next to white America and “marry” white America, they are accepted as an equal, PSA, they are not.

When I think back to the Jim Crow era and remember the white American’s who gave their lives for Black American’s to be allowed equality makes me realize there are a lot of caring white American’s. And the NAACP would not have been possible without white Americans stepping up.

Yet somewhere over the years Black America has forgotten about the struggle that has allowed them to be successful. They don’t know or don’t care about the time of the “White Only” signs. I would remind Black America to view the January 6th videos again, just to see how many white American’s wanting to return to the “White Only” era.

We have all heard that “this election is important” whenever it is time to vote, but this year 2022, not voting will be detrimental to Black America, as well as all women in America. By not voting in 2022, we will lose significant voting ability, the right to learn the true History of America and the rights of women will return to the 1950’s era.   

As I enter my 70th year on this earth I truly have a fear of our future America if we do not vote on November 8th for the candidate that believes voting is a right, not a privilege, that the true American History must be told, and the rights of women must remain.

 Just one of my Thought’s for the Day.

Author: thoughtforthedaybyjoyce

Provides assistance with initial disability applications and guidance on social services.

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