Small Win for Democrats

1,719,376 voters didn’t care that Walker lied to his family about his pasts; lied to GA voters about paying for numerous abortions; lied about his actual State of residence; didn’t know what a pronoun was (something we all learned in the 1st grade).

In any relationship a lie will destroy the foundation; a lie will erode the trust; a lie will cause a divorce in what seems to be a perfect marriage. GA voters were willing to vote for a liar over one who spoke the truth.

America prides itself in being an intelligent nation, yet over 1 million GA voters opted to vote for a man who has no clue what a pronoun is. Common pronouns are “I, she, you, it, this”. GA voters were willing to vote for ignorance over intelligence.

Yes, I am thankful that Senator Warnock won reelection, but I am very concerned about those 1,719,376 voters that voted for division over unity.

This is my Thought for the Day.

Author: thoughtforthedaybyjoyce

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