I Am Still, Tired.

Well, Justin Jones and Justin Pearson have been reappointed to their House seats. I am not sure what is going to happen in Tennessee, but the Tennessee House Republicans did not expect the backlash they received by expelling them. I do hope Rep Jones and Rep Pearson will continue to be a voice for the people of Tennessee and continue on with their determination to pass sensible gun measures for this State.

There have been several mass shootings in America since the one that happened in Nashville. And still the Republicans in America only response is to lower the age to purchase weapons, allow the ability to carry a weapon without training or a permit, and to arm teachers. I am just not understanding why it is so hard to remove all assault weapons from sale on the American market. Gun companies should only be allowed to sell assault weapons, and high-capacity clips to the military, and law enforcement agencies.

I don’t know where Tennessee or America is headed, but if the elected officials don’t get a handle on the assault weapons issue soon, the future of America is bleak and scary.

This is my Thought for the Day

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