Doctoral Degree Journey

The Doctoral Beginning

On 10 May 2019 I started on a journey to obtain my Doctoral Degree. I was not sure of what would be required of me or if I would be able to meet the demanding challenges of the pursuit. I asked God to give me the knowledge, patience, and stability as I begin the final path of my educational goals.

As of 29 June 2019 I have earned 9 Doctoral credits. Although I have about 48 credits to go, I am confident that I will go the distance. I now realize that I will have to change a lot of my mindset IF I am to finish. I will now have to listen and give less of what I think. After the completion of my first semester I do realize that I have A LOT to learn.

I have met new peers and through them I will grow in educational maturity. I also realized that learning is life-long and I will never learn it all. I was shocked at how little I really knew, but proud that I admitted to self the flaw in me. I am looking forward to the next 2.5 years and know that I will be more rounded in life when I am Hooded in August 2021.

That is my Thought for the Day.

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