12/31/2020 Day 58 Post Election 2020 – The End to a New Beginning

As I contemplate moving forward, I am forced to look back (just for a minute) too where I have been.  I can honestly say that 2020 took far too long to end.

I went off Facebook on 3 November 2020 because I was so disappointed on the number of votes trump got in his failed reelection bid.  With all that he has “not done” and said, how is it that 74 million plus people voted for him?  I just had to take time away from the comments to process.

January saw the entry of COVID-19, which was not acknowledged in a timely manner and ended up being the most deadly action to America in over 200 years.  The trump administration decided to ignore it (maybe it would go away) and that decision will be his legacy.  Vaccines were fast-tracked and by the end of December the vaccination process started.

February saw the rise in COVID-19 to the point that by March America was beginning to shut down.  Davidson County schools closed the first of March and would not reopen until late Fall, only to close after a few weeks, again due to COVID-19.

April saw our Doctoral program fully online and it was very stressful.  The library closed the middle of April and I gave up writing on my dissertation.  May ended with the death of GJ, a total shock.  Black America, as a whole, won’t take their health seriously and won’t get a yearly examination.  We die, as a whole, far to often and far to young only because we won’t go to the doctor.

June and July were pretty  much normal, just had to get through those online programs.  I had a break from class for a few weeks in August and started back writing on my dissertation.  Not much went on during September, October, but November saw Tracey lie on Tammy, and have a birthday party for GJ and not invite me.  I was really hurt by her actions, but life goes on.  I wiped her out of my life. 

December is ending with Mama finally agreeing to move back to TN, but if her mood does not change, not sure how long she will be here.  She is in extremely poor health, a lot poorer than when I saw her last year at the funeral of Aunt Doll.  I also heard that a very dear friend Claude Mann died, again not going to the doctor.  He had a massive heart attack.  I wonder if he had a feeling something was wrong, but ignored it and he just turned 64 in November.

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