11/12/2020 Day 9 Post Election 2020 – I Was Not Invited

A birthday party was held for GJ yesterday and I was not invited. To say the least I was devastated. I am done with Tracey and the entire Murfreesboro crew. I have never done anything to get something in return, but with all that I have done to be not invited is an action that I will never be able to forget. And when you can’t forget, then the best thing to do is just walk away. As with GJ’s death, I will get pass this recent sense of loss. I know Tammy and Tracey are at a moment where their friendship is in question, but for Tracey not to invite me to GJ’s birthday party is 100% inconsiderate. I am done.

The GOP is still in denial and still not acknowledging President-elect Biden and Vice-President elect Harris. The counting of ballots is still going on in 4 States, but even with a recount #45 is still going to not be a winner. A few GOPer’s have come out, but not enough for #45 to get on board with the Biden/Harris transition process.

Well today has been a day, but there is always tomorrow.

This is my Thought for the Day.

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