August Feelings

Well, the campaign ended on a good note as Justin won House District 52. He is taking a break, but I do hope he get back out on the campaign trail as his name is on the November ballot. I do hope that he will be a different kind of politician.

I am still tired and taking care of Mama is starting to show. I am so angry, but for so many different reasons. As I once told my clients, you cannot change the past. But the problem I am having is the past is what is causing my angry. And I never thought taking care of Mama would be so draining. For now, the only thing she can do for self, is feed herself. But that is what happens when you rely on medication to solve your health problems.

On a happy note, I have schedule self for a mini getaway for October. I am going to New Hampshire for a few days. I wish I had the funds to stay a week. Not much else going on in my world. I will just keep moving forward. And the stress of taking care of Mama is causing me to be in a lot of body pain. Gonna figure out a way to relieve the stress.

This is my Thought for the Day.

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