I am amazed at how politicians can be so dishonest and want the world to revolve around them. The bending of the finance rules has been an issue with certain individuals that assisted Justin in his House District 52 win. How many times did I ask to be informed before any expenses were incurred, and how many times was my request ignored?

In my thinking, if a person wants to be reimbursed immediately, then that person should have never incurred the expense. Vivian W. knew I could not reimburse her directly and she still did a charge on her card to Home Depot. I had even told Anthony B. whenever he needed anything from for Home Depot for the campaign to call me. And it took Vivian a little over two weeks to bring me the receipt from Home Depot. I mailed her check on 8/3/2022 and on 8/9/2022 she is texting me that there is no check in the mail as if I lied. I will give it until Saturday and if the check has not been received by then I will cancel the initial check and issue her a new check.

My goal is to never work with Vivian W. again in any capacity. She is arrogant, demanding, and in her mind, she is the only one who can be right about anything. Yes, she has a solid base and Justin expressed more than one he truly appreciated all she did for him. But I am thinking, that is not enough for Vivian. Vivian has a draining personality, and anyone who comes in contact with her will leave wilted.

That is My Thought for the Day

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